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Derailment &



2 Hours  @ $1000 + GST

As a senior executive, you know you need to be on top of your game 24/7. Struggling, poorly performing executives make bad decisions which can result in:

  • Loss of $$$

  • Loss of professional reputation

  • Loss of professional opportunity

  • Loss of life

  • Loss of business

  • Legal complications


Generally, corporate senior executives are smart, ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, have considerable technical expertise and have an impressive track record.

However, if you have found yourself getting professionally bogged down by any of the following, you may be at risk of executive/professional derailment.


  1. Reduced ability to deal with complexity

  2. Reduced ability to make tough choices

  3. Reduced ability to think strategically – reacting tactically

  4. Performance problems

  5. Difficulty making a strategic transition

  6. Difficulty building a team, moulding staff, nurturing or managing talent

  7. Reduced planning, organisation, and/or communication ability

  8. Poor relationships and/or people problems

  9. Trouble letting go of control

  10. Reduced ability to maintain relationships with a network

  11. Insensitivity (abrasive, intimidating, bullying)

  12. Cold, aloof, arrogant behaviour

  13. Problems with interpersonal relationships

  14. Office politics

  15. Reduced ability to deal with conflict

  16. Reduced motivation to consider human needs

  17. Betrayal of trust

  18. Inability to adapt to a superior’s management style

  19. Difficulty balancing ambition with job tenure

  20. Excessive dependence on other professionals

  21. Reduced capacity to follow-through

  22. Reduced ability to manage professional integrity

  23. Reduced capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection

  24. Procrastination and time delays

  25. Poor emotional control

  26. Rumour-mongering and inappropriate use of information

  27. Reduced ability to delegate

  28. Reduced capacity to manage subordinates


Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many corporate executives need to find a solution to stay on top at some point in their career. Over the past 30 years a considerable amount of research has been done on executive derailment and it is a very real commercial risk that must be diligently considered as it applies to virtually everyone in an executive role within large organisations.


Research Highlight


A three-year study on executive derailment, conducted on high-potential managers in Fortune 100 companies found that:


50% Performed Well & Were Promoted

     - 25% got promoted

     - 25% pending promotion (when position available)


50% Became Poor Performers & Derailed

     - 25% quit their job

     - 25% got demoted or let go


(Hughes et al., 2015) HUGHES, R., GINNETT, R. & CURPHY, G. 2015. Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, New York, McGraw-Hill Irwin.


NLP Executive Derailment/Development Interventions offer immediate acute-need help and aim to put you back in the top 50% when you have experienced something that has pushed you into sub-optimal performance and may have the potential to knock you out of the ring. The aim is to both enable you to rapidly find functional ground again and equip you with a tangible and pragmatic way to move forward, so that you can maintain your work salience and executive commitments.


The Alternatives:


Confusing the Corporate Executive Derailment & Development Intervention services offered at White Rabbit NLP with psychology, psychiatric or coaching services would probably be the most commercially destructive, career destroying and expensive mistake of your life.


You can buy a Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley, Lexus, or as the saying goes, you can ‘buy the cheapest car your ego can live with’.

It goes without saying that all Corporate Executive Derailment/Development Interventions at White Rabbit NLP are subject to the Australian Privacy Act 1988. To go one step further and to enable a forum of honest and open discourse, prior to any work being undertaken, a standardised commercial nondisclosure agreement is signed.

John Gemmell

  • Currently sits on commercial boards

  • Holds a Master of Business Administration

  • Has worked as an executive in multi-million-dollar international businesses

  • Has racked up over 10,000 hours in the executive derailment/development space

  • Has setup, established and run professional mentoring programmes

  • Has 18+ years’ experience in organisational development

  • Is eminently qualified in cutting edge NLP technology and is regarded as one of Australia’s leaders in the field

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