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Andrew Le

Developer - Machine Learning

Before meeting John, I was not sure who I was and why I didn’t fit in with others. I could never explain why, and I didn't  understand my abilities. Through my NLP and Personal/Professional interventions with John I have discovered who I am and why I do what I do. For a long time I was told that I have mental problems that needed a lot of medication and a lot of therapy to fix. Thank you very much John for helping me discover who I am and for helping me to understand that I don’t actually have mental problems, but I do see the world differently than most people.

Jenna Gilmour - Accountant

I started seeing John for Neuro Linguistic Programming after I was raped and attacked in my home. Mainstream counselling and support services did an incredible job early on however I felt all I was doing was repeating myself and going over the attack every week. I was ready to start moving on but was unsure how to do it.


As a sexual assault “victim”, it is hard to not let what happened define or control your everyday. NLP has programmed my brain to be above what had happened. Labels like survivor or victim do not resonate with me. I would not change what happened to me, the positive outcomes have far outweighed any negative. I love myself for what I have been through, I am proud, and I am grateful for my experience. NLP is powerful but its only powerful because we are.


Through NLP with John we never really spoke of the incident and the details of the rape, we spoke about my brains reaction to circumstances I was faced with and reset my thoughts to be positive and productive. NLP, in my case, was about turning what had happened into a positive, developing mental skills so that I am looking forward and focusing on my own mental strength. What happened to me and the details are not important, learning to move my thoughts and mind set beyond that period and be in the future with a positive and driven mentality is.


It wasn’t the sexual assault that made me who I am it’s the power of myself and my mind that I would never had known otherwise, and NLP showed me that.


John is encouraging, positive and without judgement. He is adaptive in his therapy to how I feel that day. There is no other therapy option for me, NLP has pushed me to a place I’m not sure conventional therapy ever could. The focus is me, by enabling me to develop positive reactions and mindset not the details of my rape experience.


NLP is about me, not my experience!


Katrina (surname withheld)

Small Business Owner 

Before having NLP with John Gemmell, I was being triggered by memories of my childhood abuse and struggled with self discipline. This amazing treatment is so hard to describe but I will do my best.


My first session focussed on my childhood. We didn't talk about the details of the abuse but delved into what was triggering me and how the abuse had effected my life. We then did a specific visualisation/meditation type of thing. I felt very relaxed after. Within 2 days I came across a trigger, but instead of getting emotional about it I just felt nothing. It was truly amazing and unbelievable that this 1 session changed me in such a way that years of psychological therapy couldn't.


My second session focussed on my lack of self discipline. That session is even harder to explain so I won't even try. A day after that session I found myself in the supermarket where I would normally struggle with myself not to buy sugary food. I looked at the chocolates and just said no to myself without a second thought. I have found myself just doing things without a second thought or excuse not to do it.


I'm booked in for another session where I will probably be focussing on fear.  These sessions have changed my life significantly. Well worth the money. I would recommend to anyone who is not living up to their full potential.

Fiona Holmes - Mother

I was referred to John recently for treatment for a medical issue.


During my first appointment, I was immediately impressed at the attention John paid to every aspect of my life medical, mental and life events to date.


It was not until I had this one on one consult with John did I realise many of my issues stemmed from the traumatic loss of my daughter nine years prior.


When I attended for my first NLP Intervention, I wasn’t fully aware of how this treatment would help my wellbeing, but it completely shifted my mindset. Every day and even bigger issues in my life that I could never previously seem to overcome have now become easy to resolve. My anxiety and fear for the future dropped and I could finally become the confident carefree person I had been years previously prior to my daughter's illness and passing.


I cannot express enough my gratitude to John for the NLP sessions I received, his assistance has given me back my life and allowed me to become whole again.


Simon Tagg - IT Manager

Imperial College - London

I went to see John Gemmell to address what I saw as my shortcomings in my skillset for becoming an effective manager. I have gained a lot of confidence, and I don't feel like "me but more confident", rather I have the confidence for me to be me! I feel more like me than I ever have, I’m more optimistic, and my ability to manage both my self and others has improved remarkably. It’s best seen in how I now deal with challenges. I find that I can more easily change my perspective on things, so finding effective solutions every day management issues happen much more quickly for me. My NLP sessions continue to enrich my personal life every bit as much as my professional.

Olivia Sutton - Mother

I really can’t thank you enough for how you have changed my life in a positive way. You are a magician of the mind! 

I went to see John for  my mild anxiety around germs in general and the fear of venturing out into the COVID world once the restrictions were starting to ease.

To my amazement in one session with John I was able to let go of stuff that had been causing me to self limit my life for the best part of two decades. 

I didn't realise just how much negative internal chatter I had going on in my mind and how busy I was making my life and constantly feeling guilty for not getting enough things done. I was my own worst enemy as I was spending more time planning and agonising over the details of how something should be done perfectly and not actually achieving much at all.

As for the anxiety around germs, that has  disappeared too. I realised it was linked to a time in my life when one of my family members was immunosuppressed and if I got sick it would mean I wouldn't be able to visit any of my family members for an extended period of time. I was carrying that fear with me unnecessarily.  

Small silly things that used to infuriate me, now don't matter to me. I haven’t felt this relaxed, calm and clear headed all of my adult life.  Honestly the change is remarkable. Things I didn’t even realise were going on in my mind are now dissolved and I’m thoroughly enjoying the extra space and clarity in my life. I’m thrilled about what the future will bring and how fantastic my life will be. It’s very exciting.

I recommend having a session with John, even if you don’t really think there is anything really “wrong”. I’m sure it will change your life in a really positive way. 

Jason Holmes - Manager

I started treatment with John in 2019 on the recommendation of family.


To say I was highly skeptical would be a massive understatement. I went in with very much a ‘nope-no way-no how’ attitude.


During the initial consult, John was able to use his lifetime experiences, stories, and simple straightforward talk, and talk his way past the crossed arm stoic male defense that I displayed. We completed the consult by mapping out a simple NLP treatment plan.  


There were times I certainly questioned “the method in the madness”, but can truly stand testament that without the aid of John and the NLP that my marriage, career and mental stability would all be in the same place [the toilet].


Instead today I stand resilient, able to manage life and its stressors and still see the vibrancy that life has to offer. He has taught me how to recognise my triggers and given me techniques on how to deal with them.


I thank and recommend John and the NLP process to anyone and everyone!

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