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Crisis Intervention

2 Hours  @ $500 + GST

Peaks and troughs in your life as a professional are not altogether out of the ordinary. However, sometimes things get out of hand and cause a professional/ self-employment crisis. Experiencing a significant and unreconcilable cognitive dissonance in relation to one’s professional life is often compounded by the co-commitment threat to one’s financial security and survival. The goal of NLP professional/self-employment crisis interventions is to provide safe ground, stabilise and rapidly lower stress, to enable continuity of your professional capacity.

Common professional/self-employment crisis points include:

  • Professional values issues

  • Legal issues

  • Financial issues

  • Ethical issues

  • Work relationship issues

  • Overwhelm – pre-nervous breakdown

  • Bad work environment

  • Poorly managed change process

  • Breach of trust

  • Professional integrity issues


NLP professional/self-employment crisis interventions offer immediate acute-need help and aim to both enable you to rapidly find stable professional ground and equip you with a tangible and pragmatic way to move forward so that you can maintain your work salience and professional commitments.

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2 Hours  @ $500 + GST

Building a successful career requires time, effort and the gaining of experience. Often the biggest obstacle to your success is your self-perception and your ideas and beliefs about what’s professionally possible for you. These perceptions are often based in your life experiences and your thoughts about your future.

NLP professional/self-employment development interventions empower you to make the paradigm changes that could take decades for you to arrive at through the natural course of your working life.

Professionalism is learnt. Truly successful professionals exhibit thinking, feeling and behaviour that is useful, repeatable and minimises harm. Successful professionals and successful self-employed individuals have onboarded the neurological, cognitive, emotional and social know-how to do what they do. At its core, NLP is about modelling success and transferring that success to others.

For some, success seems innate, like they have had it their whole life. This illusion is in fact due to the fusion of the individual’s capacity, the learning of capability, the creation of circumstance, naturally occurring circumstances and sometimes the helping hand of a benefactor.

NLP professional/self-employment development interventions take the mystery out of this success, because NLP is based upon transferring models of success which do indeed enable paradigm change.

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